Below is a list of the Manufacturer’s we represent with a brief summary of their product offerings.  For additional product and application information, please feel free to contact us or visit any of these premiere Manufacturer's web sites.


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Air Handling Equipment

MAFNA Air Technologies, Inc.:

Established in 1999 and located in Cambridge, Ontario Canada, MAFNA Air Technologies, Inc. has established themselves as a global leader in the custom HVAC/R manufacturing industry with representation in all major US and International markets.  MAFNA is a true custom manufacturer with unlimited possibilities, including the following:



  • Custom engineered and manufactured HVAC systems – no assembly lines.
  • Meets or exceeds the “Buy American Act” (FAR) clause 25.225-9.
  • Volumes ranging from 30 to 100,000+ cfm with direct replacement capabilities.
  • Available in single-zone, dual-duct, multi-zones, VAV, MUA and DOAS configurations.
  • Customized split or knock-down systems to fit through any sized critical dimension or opening.
  • Explosion-proof (CL-1, DIV-1), dust ignition-proof, dust-tight and hermetically sealed options.
  • Desiccant and Mechanical Dehumidification systems available for low dew point applications.
  • Energy recovery system options with sensible or enthalpy plate heat exchangers, slab or wrap-around heat pipes, sensible or enthalpy wheels and glycol run-around loops.
  • Variety of wall types including; single or double wall (1”, 2", 4" or 6"+), screw-less mono-caulk standing seam, injected foam-core or thermal break (NTM) panels available in galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Various levels of protective coatings available for corrosive environments.
  • Packaged or split-systems, air or water-cooled condensing units and chiller options.
  • Integral heat pumps and DX, CW or NH3 cooling coil options.
  • Steam, HW or integral F&BP coils, direct and indirect natural gas and electric heating options.
  • Various levels of control options and components to meet any specification.
  • Units are ETL Labeled and available with factory standard or project specific tests.
  • PREFABRICATED custom mechanical rooms, boiler rooms and chiller plants.  Perfect when reduced field labor costs are needed and/or to meet expedited construction schedules.
  • ALTITUDE Fume Exhaust and Ventilation Systems distribute exhaust air upwards of 350 feet and are available up to 80,000 cfm with heating, cooling and energy recovery options.
  • RECOMIZER Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems are available from 2,500 to 25,000 cfm including enthalpy energy recovery core, humidity and odor control, 0% EATR cross-contamination, digital scroll compressors for precise temperature control and available with several additional options and features.
  • FLCU Fan-Less Coil Units (Chilled Beams) are available as recessed or exposed, 1 or 2-way discharge, 2 or 4-pipe coils, standard 3-year warranty and many more features.
  • CYBER COOL Computer Room Air Conditioning Units from 4,200 to 40,000 cfm with electric heating, humidifiers and CW cooling.  Available in vertical or horizontal configurations and designed for precise temperature and humidity control, compact design and low noise with multiple options.
  • HEALAIR AIR STERILIZATION SYSTEM is the most effective air sterilization system delivering healthy air by capturing microscopic particles and eliminating pathogens including bacteria and viruses like H1N1, Human Corona Viruses as well as HAI-causing pathogens like C. difficile, MRSA, VRE, CRE and many more.  With an adjustable air flow rate up to 1000 cfm, one system will treat a 5000 cubic foot area to hospital-grade standards.  This system utilizes powerful air sterilizing UV-C Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamps and comes with MERV-7 and 99.99% efficient HEPA filters for additional protection.  The units come standard with a top air diffuser, but can be easily converted to a negative pressure system with the optional ducted outlet accessory.  See the attached HEALAIR Brochure for additional information.

Air Distribution Systems

SoftDucts, LLC (by DTI):

Established in 2004 and located in Irapuato Guanajuato, Mexico, SoftDucts LLC. is an international manufacturer of fabric duct systems for commercial and industrial HVAC/R applications.  SoftDucts LLC. manufacturers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and since the fabric ducts are made with a polymer base, there are no problems caused by rusting, corrosion, discoloration, bumps or scratches.  Some of their product capabilities and highlights include:



  • Guaranteed noiseless air distribution due to laminar flow design.
  • New STOP-POP SILENCERS prevent “pressure-pops” on intermittent blower systems.
  • DTI’s fabric is UL Certified as fire resistant and meets or exceeds several NFPA requirements, including 90A.
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and optional pharma / food grade anti-bacterial coatings.
  • Wide variety of diffuser selections, duct mounting types and fittings.
  • The Benelux 100% polyester fabric is extremely durable, washable and static-free.
  • Other fabric options include; flexible duct (Aero Flex), insulated duct (Insul Duct) and eco-friendly PET fabric / high temperature duct (Pyro Glass).
  • Entire textile duct system is a diffuser with air supplied in a more efficient, uniform pattern with very simple trajectories, which uses less energy to maintain room temperature.
  • Fabric ducts are a great alternative to obtain LEED credits for IAQ.  Some commonly obtained LEED credits include:
    • EQc2 - Increased Ventilation
    • NC-v2.2:  EQp1 - Minimum IAQ Performance & IEQc2 - Increased Ventilation
    • NC-2009 CS-2009 Schools-2009:  IEQc2 - Increased Ventilation
    • CI-2009:  IEQp1 - Minimum IAQ Performance
    • NC-2009 CI-2009 CS-2009 Schools-2009

Dehumidification Equipment

Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Inc. (DCA):

Located in Cedarburg, WI and founded in 1995, DCA is an American Corporation dedicated to the specialized field of engineering and manufacturing dehumidification systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  DCA takes pride in offering the best possible products with the latest technology at competitive pricing backed by the industry’s best warranties.  Some product highlights include:



  • Made in the USA - meets or exceeds the “Buy American Act” (FAR) clause 25.225-9.
  • Horizontal units available from 650 cfm (1.5 tons) to 14,000 cfm (30 tons).
  • Vertical units available from 650 cfm (1.5 tons) to 3,600 cfm (8 tons).
  • All units are custom designed and built - no assembly lines.
  • MET listed with an industry best 1-year controls, 3-year parts and 5-year coil warranties.
  • Indoor or Outdoor systems available in R-407c or R-410a.
  • Optional pool water heating assist, remote condensers and gas or electric duct heaters.
  • Wide variety of options including BMS controls, OA packages and much more.
  • New or replacement systems for; swimming and therapy pool rooms, spa’s, piping galleries, indoor grow houses, commercial / industrial applications, 100% OA applications and many more.

Efficient Air Systems, Inc (EASi):

Located in Gorham, Maine and founded in 1996, EASi is an American Corporation dedicated to the design and manufacture of environmental control systems for Natatoriums guided by the following corporate beliefs:

1. Health and Safety is our #1 goal by exhausting the chloramine-contaminated pool air (which damages lung tissue) and replacing it with healthy fresh air.

2. Reducing Energy Costs by implementing our patented highly efficient, passive method of extracting heat from exhaust air and using it to preheat fresh air at less than 50% of the cost of standard dehumidifiers.

3. Reduced Maintenance and Service Costs by engineering our systems to be so easy to maintain that even the life guard can perform the necessary tasks to keep the unit operating at an efficient level throughout its lifetime.

4. Increasing Our Equipment Life Expectancy by designing, engineering and building a better dehumidifier with higher quality construction and components.  The product that costs 0 to 20% more, but lasts 50% longer is always going to be the better value.

5. Lowest Cost of Ownership has been our goal from day one by providing a simple, affordable and desirable solution to conditioning natatoriums.

EASi takes pride in offering the best possible products with the latest technology at competitive pricing backed by up to an extended 20-year warranty.

Some product highlights include:



  • Made in the USA - meets or exceeds the “Buy American Act” (FAR) clause 25.225-9.
  • All units are custom designed and build - no assembly lines and endless options.
  • Unit sizes available from 8000 cfm to 100,000 cfm (plus).
  • Compressorized AND non-compressorized systems.
  • Standard and custom configurations with SA, RA, Exh Air and Energy Recovery options.
  • Standard construction, modular, direct replacements, built-up on-site or knock-down type.
  • All welded aluminum construction, EPDM Rubber roofing (standard on all outdoor units).
  • Heating Options: HW Coils, Steam Coils, Electric, DF & IDF Nat. Gas or Propane.
  • Cooling Options: CW Coils or DX Coils.
  • Industrial aluminum plenum fans or fan arrays.
  • Wrap-around, horizontal or vertical heat pipe energy recovery configurations.
  • Standard 3-year parts only warranty with optional 5, 10, 15 and 20-year warranties.
  • Indoor or Outdoor systems available in R-407c or R-410a.
  • Stand-alone or BMS control systems.
  • New or replacement systems for swimming and therapy pool rooms, natatoriums and water park applications.

DST America, Inc. (DST):

Based in Temple, PA DST America, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Swedish Parent Company Seibu Giken DST, which was founded in 1985 and is a global supplier of desiccant dehumidifiers with representation in over 40 countries throughout the world.  All of the DST dehumidifiers use the unique D-max rotor from the Seibu Giken Company of Japan and are characterized by reliability, low energy consumption and service-friendly design.  Some of the product highlights include:



  • Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers for a wide variety of applications.
  • Small dehumidifiers from 50 to 320+ cfm with SST chassis.
  • Mid-range dehumidifiers from 500 to 1,800+ cfm with SST chassis.
  • Large dehumidifiers from 500 to 25,000+ cfm and down to -70°F dp.
  • Modular construction for a wide variety of configurations.
  • Smaller systems are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.
  • Patented technologies result in up to 75% less energy consumption.
  • Various rotor types (Seibu Giken), reactivation sources, energy recovery and control options.

Heat Exchangers

American Coil, Inc.:

Established in 1995 in Gardena, CA, American Coil, Inc. has grown into an industry leader of commercial and industrial coils and anti-corrosive coatings.  All coils are AHRI Certified and UL Listed and can ship to your project location in as quickly as 3 to 5-days with their expedited fast-track manufacturing process and shipping options.  Some of their product capabilities and highlights include:



  • Made in the USA - meets or exceeds the “Buy American Act” (FAR) clause 25.225-9.
  • Manufacturers of standard OEM and custom “one of a kind” coils including;
    • Condenser Coils, Evaporator (DX) Coils, Chilled Water & Hot Water Coils, Steam Coils.
    • Specialty Shaped (“A”, “L”, “U”, “G”) Coils, OEM / New Coils, Direct Replacement Coils, Booster Coils and Severe Duty / Extended Life Coils.
  • All coils are AHRI Standard 410 Certified and UL Listed with sizes ranging from 4 inches up to 30+ feet long.
  • Cu or Al Tube and Fin options in a variety of thicknesses with Galvanized, Al or Cu Casing options.
  • All coils are individually pressurized and leak tested to 500 psig to ensure leak free service.
  • Utilizes raw materials from the USA and silver brazing processes.
  • Rigorous quality control checks coils a minimum of 4 times during the manufacturing process to ensure compliance.
  • “FAI” or First Article Inspection Reports are available to customers upon request
  • AmeriCoat™ corrosion protection coating is applied in-house and is ASTM, FDA, CFR and MIL-STD approved.
  • Standard lead times and optional 3 and 5-day quick ship programs for fast track projects available.
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